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Step 1

Create your 100% personalized e-card in our editor. It is very easy, fast and customizable. Choose one of our designs, add your favorite colors, add photos, logos, links, network profiles … Whatever you want! Fill in your new e-card with the data you want to share and express your personality on your new business card.

Step 2

Once you have chosen the design and customized your e-card, we will also give you your Q-card. The Q-card consists of a QR code with which you can also share your business card with whoever you want the most, and at no extra cost!

Step 3

Once your E-card and Q-card are finalized, confirm your email so that you can receive them in your email. You will receive a username and password with which you can always personalize your cards and with which you can manage your subscription. Once received, follow the steps indicated to install your cards on your smartphone and you can share them with the world.

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