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What do we do?

Today more than ever we realize the importance of our digital image in the professional world. In a completely digitized world, we want you to feel perfectly represented by a new business card concept. We have not only designed some cards with which to show your personality and style, but you can also add much more data and links of interest. Also, contributing to a lower environmental impact given they re not printed on paper. You want to know more? Discover us.
27 million cards are printed each day. Which means around 10 billion business cards are printed each year.
88% of business cards are tossed out within a week.
63% of people who don’t need the service at the moment, will toss the card away
Unfortunately, when they need the service they don’t have the card anymore and look for other options

For Business

The best way to maintain a united front for your customers, suppliers and employees. Maintaining a strong corporate identity and image of the organization is no longer optional, it is essential. Reward your employees with a modern, sustainable, on-brand business card that makes them feel part of the organization.

Have absolute control over what will appear on each card, its style and the image that your workers will project to the putside world of your business.

Are you a freelance?

Freelancers, let us present to you your new best professional ally. Our e-cards and q-cards allow you to include much more contact information, social networks and links of interest than traditional cards. Also, you can share them on all your favorite platforms seemlessly to make sure that nobody loses track of you. A sustainable solution that saves hundreds of thousands of trees annually thanks to the fact that they are 100% digital.


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– Add 3 social media profiles
– Add your contact information
– #Opentowork option
– Unlimited sharing


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  • UNLIMITED social media profiles
  • Extense contact information
  • #opentowork option
  • Add your own profile picture
  • Add your very own personal logo
  • No Businesscards logo!

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