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Today freelancers and freelancers more than ever need a niche in the professional world. What better way to reach potential clients and employers than by championing a sustainable future and projecting a disruptive and innovative image?

Why Businesscards is for you

Include your favorite social media profiles, those where your work is best reflected. Let your suppliers, employers and clients see you in the environment in which you do best. Project a professional and different image at a simply unbeatable price. Share your e-card as many times as you want in an unlimited way, preventing them from losing your contact and help us take care of the environment to leave a better future.


0€ / year

It’s free!!

– Add 3 social media profiles
– Add your contact information
– #Opentowork option
– Unlimited sharing


0.99€ / month

  • UNLIMITED social media profiles
  • Extense contact information
  • #opentowork option
  • Add your own profile picture
  • Add your very own personal logo
  • No Businesscards logo!

How do I get my e-card?

Enter our editor and select the design that best fits the image you want to project. We have all styles!

Once the design is selected ... give it personality! Include your data, your favorite networks and create your best work!

Once your card is finished, download it to your smartphone and install your card holder. We will guide you step by step throughout the entire process

Congratulations! You are ready to take over the world and differentiate yourself from other professionals. Share your e-card and make yourself seen!

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